451st Bombardment Group (H) 15th Air Force

Photo Gallery


Colonel Robert E.L. Eaton, CO of 451st Bomb Group

JonesMajor Donald T. Jones, Group Executive Officer 

Quillen Captain Monroe C. Quillen, Group Operations Officer

Beane Captain James B. Beane, CO of 724th Bomb Squadron

Evans Captain Clayton E. Evans, CO of 727th Bomb Squadron

HQ Personnel Headquarters personnel at Geneva, Nebraska October 1943

L-R: Lt. Robert B. N. Peck; Lt. Frederick W. Hughes; Lt. Wm. N. Dwyer; Lt. Herbert F. Marco; Lt. Howard A. Leeser; Maj. Leonard J. Rohrs; Lt. Danial J. Coffey; Maj. Donald T. Jones; Mr. Edward Reich; Col. Robert E. L. Eaton; Lt. Howard D. Steinwinter; Capt. Linnon R. Blackmon; Lt. Luther W. Bradley; Capt. Clyde L. Wagner; Lt. Ralph A. Byers; Capt. Wm. H. McManus; Lt. Wm. McNeil

Piombino Crews at briefing on Piombino mission

Gioia De Colle Field

Gioia De Colle Field 2 January - 5 March 1944

Castelluccio Field

Castelluccio Field in May 1944

Col. Lee & Col. Eaton

Col. Lee, CO of the 49th Bomb Wing, presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross to Col. Eaton 9 May 1944

Col. Eaton

Col. Robert E. L. Eaton awaiting the return of his "boys", July'44

100th Mission Crew

100th Mission Crew on August 10, 1944

Standing L-R: Lt. Kacena; Lt. Taussig; Maj. Byer; Maj. Hughes; Capt. Tuney; Col. Eaton

Squatting L-R: T/Sgt. Kornegay; T/Sgt. Petrovic; T/Sgt. Rhoads; T/Sgt. Dieter; S/Sgt. Westerburg

Lt. Col. James B. Knapp

Lt. Col. James B. Knapp, 451st Bomb Group CO

Flying Boxcar

727th Bomb Squadron Patch

Captain Tudor & Burma Bound

Captain George Tudor fights to keep Burma Bound in the air after suffering flak damage on a mission to Vienna, 7 Oct, '44.  Seven men were wounded, but a successful emergency landing was made on Vis.


Lt. Theodore Rogal, co-pilot in the 726th Squadron


William J. Wissert